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I think it's kind of amazing how far it goes when people oppose other religions or people who practice the faith. It's truth that our founding fathers were religious men. In a class, I would consider it a historical blunder not to bring mention to religion and the play it's had on societal decisions by the gov. or it's people. Will the wars for politcal correctness ban our founding principles from being taught in a place where learning and growing is supposed to be fostered? Banning historical documents based on religion should be the last thing we should do, I don't care even if it does make people think about that religion, or maybe even consider it. It shows that there is NOT religious freedom in some cases where political correctness tries to poke it's head in every little nit picky detail because it offends .5% of the populace. I'm a Christian, and I don't care if the country was founded by Satanists, or if the document mentions Satan, it should still be allowed to be taught in school. This crap makes me sick.

It also makes me sick because of how much discrimination there is against Christians. It's "cool" anymore to oppose Christianity, or so it seems. The same goes for all of the anti Islam sentiment going around. I hate it.


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