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Hey guys, I agree that if your situation becomes so fierce, you need to take action. I am not a paranormal expert, but I have delt with two ghosts, in two separate dwellings; current one included.

The first one was angry. The condo had been empty for 20 years and the carpet was new, right before she died; gold high low iron carpet, but showed heavy wear and the niece that owned it had only visited it once. Mrs. Hale felt that I had violated her home? There was a possession at some point. I freaked my mom and friend out. She broke things, in front of my friends, witnesses, and when that didn't rid us, she started a fire in the condo., only after leading me to the hand grenade. I have to give Mrs. Hale credit, she gave me a run for my money. However, I finally rid myself of her by simply redecorating. I took up her new carpet, took down her drapes, and put in new window treatments, re-painted and hung new wallpaper. The painting took 3 months, because she kept switching gloss and flat on me, but, once I rolled the rugs out, I said bye bye!!!

My second ghost is a friendly drunk. He loves this house, and he walks it. He shot himself in my sunken bath; hole still in the wall To me, the hole is a prize. He lazily walks the halls, looking for his wife, who left him there alone and moved to the beach. He was a 1960'- 1970's party animal. His claim is simply, the more the merrier. He is, however, a nuisance.

So, for all of you out there, who have had encounters, there is a way of moving them on, or enjoying them. At least that is what I have experienced.


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