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We have 2 ghosts in our house, it dates from the 1900,s the male is Terrance and he is 32. The girl, his daughter is Lilly and the house on this land previously burnt down. He went in to save her and died also, and he is a athliest. When God or Jesus is mentioned to often, he throws things at you, and when you watch tv shows about the crusification of Christ he will give you chest pains. He has also broken 2 mirrors and thru it across the room, you have to becareful what you say at the house. We believe in God and we are christians, when you believe in God you also have to believe in the Devil. If you believe in Angels, you also have to believe in the Demons. Not every ghost is good, or evil. Remember how you are in life is how you are as a ghost or spirit. If you are mean you will be mean in spirit. Everyone that has lived here, has had experiences and believes in Ghosts, most are good, some are bad or even Demons.


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