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I was arrested for a marijuana dui recently, but i have some questions about the actions taken by law enforcement, first of all, i did not smoke any marijuana that day, but the officer said that he knew i did because of the two ridiculous tests he had me perform (closing my eyes and tilting my head backwards, and a glance at my tongue) gives him indicators of marijuana use. secondly when i was pulled over the officer said the reason was because a deputy called earlier and said i didnt signal, which i think is a crock because i know i signal when changing lanes or turning everytime, and how much more unspecific a reason can you give? the officer didnt say where or which direction i was turning, which leads me to believe he lied about the reason, another thing is i was off the road for over 45 minutes, and i got about 1 mile down from where i stopped when i saw the officers pass me going the opposite direction, then abruptly stop and wait for a car to pass before changing direction and then passing that same car at what i would estimate to be around 75 miles per hour, just to issue a warning about a blinker violation that someone else supposedly witnessed? anyhow, the officer issued the warning and asked if there was anything he needed to know about i told him that one of my passengers had some weed and his medical card, the officer examined both items then began searching my vehicle, i protested and he responded saying because of the situation with my passenger he has to make sure there is nothing else in the car, of course he found nothing, it was only after the illegal search did the officer begin to question me about smoking weed, i failed the two field tests,(even though i honestly did not smoke) and was arrested, i did however smoke weed the day before and we all know t.h.c., the active ingredient in marijuana stays in your system for about 30 days, so when the blood test comes back positive in a few weeks, what if anything can i do to prove my self? the officers never claimed to see me driving like a stoner or anything they only claimed i looked high,(which is funny to me because this is not the only occasion i have been accuaed of being stoned by law enforcement when i was in fact sober), and they claimed i failed the very questionable t.h.c. sobreity test. so after driving to the station handcuffed in the back seat, the officer explained to me what a dui was, he said a b.a.c. of .08 or higher or any conrolled substance or any of its metabolites in your blood stream, i thought to my self, how the hell can you define being under the influence in such a ridiculous manner? especially since t.h.c. takes such a long time to metabolize and leave your system, i always thought being under the influence of something meant that it somehow had an effect on your actions, judgement, or behavior, not that your tongue looks funny and you lean your head back a certain waym but maybe thats just me.


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