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Hello -

I was basically retired for a few years after and then approached by a start-up magazine to write a monthly social column which was to be writing a "few hundred words" about "a few social events" I attended in the community each month. This was to be paid at a certain set fee with no taxes taken out. I was given a company email along with all the other's on staff, a name company name tag and company business cards and listed as a regular writer (not a contributing writer) in each monthly magazine issue. I was expected and asked to develop relationships with community leaders, provided sales leads and talent for magazine covers. The "few events" turned into up to 30 per month and the "few hundred words" turned into a few thousand. Also, additional features articles were made out of the work I turned in. None of this additional work was compensated, even when requested. I was also asked to sign a non compete clause stating I would not work for any other publication in central part of Florida. This tied my hands to do other work with the time constraints, and non compete clause and this was my only source of employment. After numerous requests for reimbursement, even a willingness to take on more responsibilities, they seemed to realize they were doing something wrong and dropped my column. I was probably paid for 25% of the actual work I produced. What actions can I now take? (aside from kicking myself for being so trusting of deceptive people).

Thank you for any input


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