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I worked for Wandel Distributors as well and just recently ended my job with them earlier this month. They told me that I would be making $300 per week and turns out I only made half of that. After putting gas in my truck everyday I only made about $50 a week. After 3 weeks of working there I received my regular paycheck and asked why I was only making half of what was first told to me and they replied saying that I was only doing half the route. What?! I was never informed that I wasn't doing a whole route or there was an extension of my route until then. This company is absolutely ridiculous. I gave my 2 week notice only to receive my last paychecks because I was told that if 2 weeks was not given I would not receive my pay. I definately do not recommend this job to anyone unless you want crap for pay, wanted to be constantly misinformed and you have a crap car thats good on gas. How can a so called "company" treat their employees this way and get away with it...ridiculous!


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