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I work as an independent contractor for a transportation broker in IN. I'm leased to them or their subsidiary. I am hauling under their authority, their IFTA and trailer. They have notified me that if I want to remain hauling on the route that I'm on, I will need to buy my own trailer and secure my own hauling authority as they are liquidating their equipment and dropping their hauling authority. They plan on remaining the Broker.

They are using methods of badgering and intimidation. When I ask for a contract, I get double talk, stories and a change of subject. Other drivers have succumbed to their intimidation and are not happy with the new provisions in their contract IE. Monthly settlement instead of weekly; different fuel surcharge formula; no detention or dock pay.

When I try to discuss these issues it's "Their Way or the Highway"

Do they need to notify me in writing of these changes? Do they have to provide me with a contract up front for my review?


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