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I will try to make this as short as possible. Your website has helped me beyond belief! I was just sortof looking for maybe a form I could use. However, I got some VERY good information. The following part is confidential as far as my name,email,any identifying info.
My husband was in prison (PRCI) for all together 2yrs. We have a 3yr old son together. He hadn't done anything against the law since I met him in 2002. However, he was revolked from a fight in 1999 and this is where we found ourselves. I am on PTSD and at the time he left and was 3wks from coming home I was starting to do quite well. I was getting out of the house. Thinking of opening my own internet business,etc. However, on a conference call with 3 employees,my husband, my mother, and myself (as they were asking my mother to send in $350 so my husband could get out on his date). We were sending the money and we wanted to know why he wouldnt't just come home here with his family. The Head Lady said "becasue I take Valium" (my husband and mother did not even know that information. She proceeded to make me explain why I was on PTSD, and got "so much money you only get $14 in foodstamps"? I will not get into the rest. It is unbelievable I would even talk to my family, therapist, Pychiatrist about what really happened to me! Let alone an entire conf. call full of mostly strangers. That was more then 3 wks ago and it is as if I lost 3-4yrs of becoming me again. I now know for sure what she/they did was wrong. My husband is out now and they are still harassing him. they are trying to keep us from living together (meanwhile my parents live in Charbonneu). They lady even drove 6-hrs just to "visit" his house. This can only last a few more weeks to 60more days. My husband had a job the 2nd day he was out and has done all the other requirements, (except find housing....). I appologize for going on and on. It was not meant for a pity party. I just see that I am not "loosing it" as I often feel. My Physicians are right, my husbands and my rights have been violated and that helps beyond belief. I will try these suggestions you have above and also the ACLU. Maybe I will even be able to get back to sleeping at night agagin. Thank you so much for what you are doing. Anywhere I can blog about this business I certainly will. Thank you again. And our 3yr old son thanks you as well.


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