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i work for a car dealer who made us sign a pay plan 2 years ago where we were paid $250 a week plus commission and you will get 2 weeks vacation pay as an average of one weeks pay for example if you made $100,000 income foe the previous year ending Dec. 31 you will get paid $2000 a week for the 2 weeks vacation you are entitled to Today they presented us with a new pay plan where we will get $400 a week in pay plus commission and that the previuos year vacation earned will be paid at a $400 week for vacation I feel this is an injustice as I earned my vacation time and pay under the old pay plan Can you tell me what is right and legal before I take actionnn Also if I left the firm will they have to pay me at the $2000 a weekk vacation pay or will they try to pay me $400 a wek from the new pay plan Thank you for your help


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