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I work in a health care facility. About two years ago our we went to computerized documentation which we were told would be quicker and easier. It certainly was not! taking 3 to 4 times longer. They said the idea was to go paperless. However, we have at least as much paper work as the facility wants it for quick reference during the day. Almost immediately after that the corp. established a policy that states an equal amount of vacation time would be deducted for the time staying over to finish work in each pay period. No time was established to do our documentation, that up to us. What this has caused is employees finding sneaky was to off load their work onto others in order for them to get their documentation done and punch out on time. The irony is those people seem to get the figurative "pat on the back" for being good and getting out on time. Every day is a cold war at work. Very stressful. Management doesn't seem to care, they have their own problems. I have since had the attitude, they can have my vacation time, theres nothing I can do about it. I won't ask any legal questions, I know you can't answer them. Just putting it out there.


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