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I work for a private company of four people including myself and the boss who is nonexistent in our office. She comes in maybe once a week, tops four hours in that week. Sometimes we don't see her for two to three weeks. The two women I work with are obviously threatened by me. They have been nothing but mean to me from the get go. They exclude me from thier eating lunches and meetings and keep me out of the loop of things as much as possible. I have addressed this with the manager (who also happens to be one of the two who and she plays dumb saying that it is a personality conflict between the bookkeeper and myself). One day we had an explosive argument in front of the boss in one of her rare appearances in the office. I have emailed the boss extensively about this situation and she has told me she is aware the bookkeeper has a personality problem but that there is nothing that can be done about neither one of them. In the past these two have even tried jeapordizing my work by saying I am not filing in a timely manner and putting the wrong things in files. I have made the boss aware of this too. What can I do? Can I scare them by suing them, the coworkers personally? I don't want to do damage to my boss by suing the company. I live in NYS.


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