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I'm sending for a request my7 husband worked for his boss for over 30 plus years put up with lots of verbal abuse over the years got (fired ) or let go cause the company was slow but it picked up promise 4 weeks paid vacation an other things if he came back he gave up alot of serious things for this guy we even moved into his old beat up house for 14 years for him to rtell us we have to move he wanted to sell the house he knew he wouldnt be able so he supposely sold it to his daughtger my husband was seriouly injured in work a while ago badly burned was force to work in pain if he wanted to be paid his boss had no compensation so he was force to work my husbands 69 years old gets up 3:30 am every morning to go to work now we might be homeless soon as the house were renting is being torn down we have no money to move what can we do we didnt sue for my husbands injuries because this guy is my brother and at the rtim,e my mom was a life and he could do mno wrong imn her eyes we need help what can we do.


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