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I feel your pain. I work for a very well known company where the management is horrible and the HR department doesn't really care much. My manager has behaved in such a poor manner that I had to reach out to HR and inform them that she was making racist remarks. They spoke to her and concluded that because she was Portugues and I am Mexican, that I must be overly sensitive. I informed them that racism comes in many forms, just because she is portugues and I am mexican, that doesn't mean tha she can't be racist. Long story short, she has made my life hell since then. Three years later, I asked for a decent rating on my year end evaluation and she won't give it to me. I also asked for a promotion because I have gone above and beyond every aspect of my job. She informed me that she wasn't ready to promote me because of the fact that I had gone to HR and that she didn't think she could get over that. She also informed me that she thinks I have emotional problems, which doesn't make sense because I have a great rapport with my colleagues. I sent out customer service questionnair and the results were 96% "very satisfied" with my customer service skills. She said that didn't matter and that "it was a good story", but she still doesn't feel that she can move me forward. I could tell you story after story and racist comment after racist comment that she has made. But there isn't enough space here. I have been a model employee and yet she rewards others who can't work a full week to save their lives. I will never get ahead working for her and I don't have anyone to back me up. How sad is that?


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