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I have a boss(owner of company) that says I'm salary but when he closes down the business for his own personal vacation, I don't get paid. When There was snow and the business was closed I don't get paid. I came in one day after an ice storm and when I got there he told me to have the day off without pay. How am I salary. I thought salary was guaranteed 40 hrs a week. I don't get any sick leave or benefits and I am management. On top of that, there are others that work at my job as installers which is manual labor and even when they work 9-11 hrs a day, my boss tells me to just write down 8 hrs for them because I do the books. This is wrong. He has also threatened to fight me and has hit me with a back scratcher on my back. He thought it was funny but I didn't. I find this as physical abuse. I need a job because I have a family. I have called the Department of Labor but fear getting fired. What can I do?


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