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I am an RN in MN and worked at a hospital for almost 15 years. The last few years were hell as I work with some petty vindictive nurses that tell blatent incredible lies about other employees. This litterally cost me my job as management is friends with these women. It was incredible lie after lie and completely unsubstantiated. The only "investigations" that took place was to simply go back to those women and gather even more BS.To make matters worse my manager and director took sides against me and they once liked me as a competent nurse. The director actually demanded I see a counselor though EAP and told me what I had to discuss and to report back to her my progress. She would call me in to get updates and tell me about more rediculous complaints. I told her this was a violation of HIPPA to interfere with my medical care and she didn't care. My director isolated me and told me I could no longer talk to any of my coworkers nor take breaks or lunch with any of them. I was isolated and that felt like such abuse. I was told time after time that I was threatening the other nurses that they tattled on me, which is a complete and total lie. I became depressed and felt very abused, but the job market was bleek and I am an older nurse which budgets don't allow for any more. So... I felt stuck and under the rediculous idea that the truth would eventually come out and things would be resolved. That never happened. The lies kept coming at me and the workplace became so hostile and difficult. I eventually lost my job. Since then, I have had a very difficult time even getting a job even though my credentials were excellent. I have heard of several other excellent employees that have been run out of there as well. Each story so sad and obviously constronstructed by coworkers and managment. I call them the XXXX dead body society. So sad. I keep hearing the nurses are still to this day taking bets on when I will loose my home etc. So incredibly cruel. Now, one of my good friends that has managed to still keep her job there is now going through the same thing. All lies and misconstrued statements about her. It is outrageous and needs to stop, but how? It is blatent abuse, but management gets away with it along with the same co workers each time. WHAT CAN BE DONE if anything? PLEASE care enough to give advice.... thank you! This same hospital has been in the news repeatedly for abuse of patients and for abuse of billing practices. Sued by the MN Atty Generals office for same. They have ruined my professional and personal reputation and I can't get a job i believe because of all this. i am going under and can't do a thing about it. Just FYI,,,


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