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I am sorry to what happened to Terri.To be hooked up to a machine when there is no chance of having a decent quality of life is the most cruel thing one can do. I just found out in many ways I am in her same shoes. I have end stage renal failure with Type I diabetes and stage 4 Congestive failure. MOst Days I am in severe pain. Thus, I have decided no dialysis. I am also getting my DNR and my living will and my medical will done this week. I want no chances of others than myself making decisions for me. I know if I do not do this my family will use every tool to keep me hooked up to machines against my will. So as hard as it was for Mr Schiavo and the family the fact to watch Teri leave them The fact is Terri was his wife at the time and he had the authority morally and legally to do what he did. Which in the end was the right thing


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