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I've been in a relationship with a man for almost three years. Six months into the relationship, he told me he was married. I broke up with him initially, only for him to beg, and plead for me to take him back, with the promise that he would divorce his wife. A year later when i realized he was not going to file for a divorce, i started seeing other people. He ruined two potential prospects for me by verbally harassing them, stating that i am his woman, and no man is to enter my life. Now, here we are three years later, and this man is telling me he doesn't know if he can leave his wife and 3 yr old child, despite what he has done to me, my 16 yr old daughter, and 10 year old son.This situation has taken an emotional toll on me, and my family. I am wanting to know if i have a right to sue this man for mis-representation, false identity, and emotional distress?


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