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Me and my fiancee are having some problems with getting married in Romania , and that is because he was born at a naval base in the philippines but as the child of one american citizen , and was given an american report of bith abroad from the consulat there...the problem is , that the people at the city hall here say that he is a philipinno and not an american , so we would have to go through more paper work , even though we recieved an apostile from the state department , they would still say that we would have to ask the phillipino goverment for help..
I believe that those people are bad informed and don't know the laws or anything..
Could you please tell me if I am absurd or is it true that he is and was born as an american citizen ??
Of course , when he went to the US , he didn't have to go through the immigration office, beause he already was an US citizen...
We are going through hell here , and an answer from you would help me a lot.( mabe on my e-mail address)

Thank you


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