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Hi, I am a son of a u.s citizen he is my father but we dont have any contact since he got caught and bring him back at okinawa japan for court marshall, he awol, before that he got married to my mom a legal here in the philippines. till now i have their marriage contract since 1973 now im 37 years of age. My filipina mom told me that i am a u.s citizen, because they get me a blue american passport when i was a child but they lost it for so many reasons, now i want to check my record if i have a previous record to the embassy manila or to the department of state passport service. And mom's told me that we are immigrant. What is the meaning of that immigrant? we can process our paper for free? or we can go to u.s to migrate there? what i need to do? i want to claim my u.s citizenship... hope you can help me for my little question. my point for claiming a citizenship is to stay and work to my father's country... thank you very much


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