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Hi, I purchased a car on 5/21/11 but did not look at the final numbers on the paperwork until 5/24/11 and realized that it was too high. I called the dealer and told them that I wanted to return it and they told me to go in person to talk to them. When I did the finance person told me that they did not accept return after a car drives off the lot. I want to know what to do, because I am not willing to pay what they want me to. Also they misplaced my co-signers ss# and they are having trouble getting me financed. I want to get out of this contract but they refuse to work with me. If no bank can finance me do they have to take the car back and give me back my down payment? Also if the contract that I sign gets refused by the bank and they want me to sign a different contract can I refuse to sign and get out of it that way without getting into legal problems?


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