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I keep readimg how so ppl say suck it up and get on with being a parent an raise your child. First off I raised my child and paid childsupport with no regret as of this day she will always be my child. My resentmernt is now after 25 years of her knowing there could be another father it was that my daughter wanted to know and made her mom get the DNA test which now shows im not the father . Now you tell me how I am supposed to feel. Your whole world gets ripped from you years later by some money hungry B--- so called mom. The living hell I went through with her garnishing wages with the fact I won in court because I payed my support an did so till the last day but she had the court involcved when in fact child support was always payed but that still didnt end her nagging for money even tho court was payed the money and if she didnt get it she was on my tail about it causing problems but now but all I could say was go to the court an get I payed . Just seem like I should have the right to sue her butt for false pretense like Tom stated above the whole time I was being the responcable dad she sits back an collects my life savings for someone else to be scott free of there responcabilities an now will start getting the pleasure of a child that they didnt have responcability for .. I always will stay her father and she knows this but I sure as %^$%^ would like to bring a no good mom,dont want to say on her how I really think of her but all in all its not fair to neither of us that she live her life as nothing happen and gained all the money as im sure she used on her behalf some of it. As she was married 2 more times after our divorce. Thanks lady for bringing my whole life to a deminishing state now I would have rather not known than have my life smashed at this point. But to my daughter I will Love You Always you are mine.


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