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I have a lot to ask, and I need as much help as I can get from anyone willing to lend an ear and give some feedback. Well I am doing some research becasue a family member of mine has a really terrible situation going on... I will try to give as much details, but keep it short. I don't want to say to much and by chance the wrong person crosses this message. Well my brother (now ex military), met and married a girl that he only knew for a few months. She already had a child (a few months old), and of course I am sure sh did everything she could to manipulate and keep him around. Well he loved that child as his own from the minute he met her. OHHH, and now after they get engaged she is pregnant and leads him on to believe it is his.... Well its not. The dates do match up. but now young baby calls him papa and he is hooked. Baby number two is born, and it is clear it is not his at this point, but he still signs the papers claiming parental rights. They make it through a whole year... In the whole year he gets discharged from military, they relocate to a different state, and they move in with his parents. Girl is crazy, abusive to her now 18 month old and 6 month old. She spanks, hits, yells and screams at children. She is rude to his parents, doesnt have any ambition to get a job, go to school, or become a resident of the state they recently move to. Her temper gets so bad that he had to put his wife in a time out and keep the kids by his parents. She decides she needs a mini vacation and buys a one way ticket to "visit" her parents. Well, she knew she wasnt coming back, and told h im she wanted a divorce. He loves the children as his own, and has been the only father to the youngest child, and the older child has not had anyone stable in her life but him. He wants to fight for custody, but it's complicated because these children aren't his biologically. Are there any other similiar cases where father wins custody? Any advice out there? I thought that custody would be depended on "what is best for the child(ren)..." I feel like this shoudl be simple, but I know it never works this way. I feel like he is the best choice, but this will be a tough battle. Please help! Thank you!


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