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Help! While on vacation out of state I became ill with cold like symptoms. I'am a pharmacist myself so I headed straight for the nearest pharmacy. This was in Carmel, California. I approached the pharmacy counter and requested any product with sudafed in it to help with my symptoms. The clerk that waited on me gave me a once over look up and down, then claimed the pharmacy was completely sold out of all products containing Sudafed. I knew that would be a near impossible scenario so I asked to speak to the Pharmacist. He looked me straight in the eye and made the same claim after the clerk informed him of our previous conversation. He said they were completely out of product. At that point I was as mad as a hornet! I asked him just exactly what the issue was. He claimed it was a distribution problem. I then let him know that I myself was a pharmacist and I thought he was giving me the run around. I then took note of his name and purchased some other product and left. The more I thought about this the more angry I became. Returned to the same pharmacy next day at 8a.m. But this time my appearance was different I was well groomed and had makeup on. The pharmacist behind the counter sold me a sudafed product with no problem and said they had plenty in stock. That proved to me I was being discriminated against because of my appearance. I had just gotten off a long airline flight and was looking tired. California has a Unruh civil act law that would cover this? Do I have a leg to stand on to file discrimination law suit which denied me service based on appearance. They did even bother to ask me for my ID. Help!



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