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I just finished serving 6 months on a grand jury. While it may sound like a 6 month nightmare it actually turned out to be very interesting. We would meet 1-2 days each month. I found out after being selected that the DA's office sends out over 400 summons for grand jury duty and less than 150 show on average. One of the jury members made the comment to the assistant DA that he wish he wouldnt have been selected. The assistant DA said "well you shouldnt have showed up then. If your not served in person there is no proof that it was delivered and we have more important things to do than chase jury dodgers"
Good thing about grand jury duty in Louisiana is that you can't be selected for regular jury duty for 5 years and you never have to do grand jury again. The DA said that if I get a summons for jury duty within 5 years just call and they will remove my name from the list.


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