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Married for 13 years and wife has filed for divorce on me and I filed an answer back to her. We live in Tampa Fl. My wife and I are the same age (37) and we have a 7 year old son. We both do not have lawyers but I went to one to get some answers. I work from 7-4 m-f and she works 4 ten hr days M-Thurs. The problem has been the house and our parenting plan. I take of my son about 90% of the time. I pick him up after school and take care of him(homework, meals baths etc.) until she comes homewhich since we have been in the middle of this gets later and later sometimes after 9:30pm-10:30pm just so she can avoid me. Even before we started having troulbe in April of 2011. I have faithfully given her my paycheck in our joint account and she has controlled the bills since we have been married. In May of 2001 our house was robbed and our weeding rings jewelery that I mostly bought her while we married and some elctronics were stolen. After the incident she filed a claim through our homeowners. I kept asking her about ht eclaim for a few months but she denied she got anything. Finally I saw some paperwork that said we were getting back approx 1700.00 and again she denied getting anything. I got diagnosed with a eye disease in August and I confronted her about the claim again because I was going to need a special contact to see. I asked again and she lied to me. After getting more info on the disease i started to worry I was not going to be able to provide(do my job drive etc). So I confronted her again. She finally broke down and said she got the check. I was angry that she kept it from me. I asked a couple of days later what she did with the money and she said she cashed and gave it to her mom to hold. I then proceeded to do smome in vesigating on my own and found that she had actually got opver 4000.00 in 2 checks. The first was made to me and her which she deposited in our joint account then pulled it out. the 2nd check was made just to her. When I found this out I pulled 400.00out that check was left of my paycheck on 10/17/11 and she closed the account and set up my own. I did not give my last 2 checks. I told her to pay it out of the money she took. I did this not knowing what else she might take. She did not reveal this $ on her financial docuemnts when she filed and when I answered I put the amounts in the paperwork and got a copy of the check and a letter from the insurance company showing the amounts paid out. Back in May I said why don't she move out and I can move my father into the house to keep it going and that we would not have to pay for child care anymore. She did not want that so I satyed in the house while she would stay at friend houses. inally when the insurance check happened I had enough and separated my account and i have not given her anything for approx 2 paychecks to pay any bills. I amtrying right now feverishly to find a renatl house. She wants joint custody but with more overnights and me to pay her alimony. But I do most f the work for our son because ehr schedule does not permit it. I want 50/50 with no CS or alimony. She make about .75 more than I do. Am i or was I wrong for taking my $ away. I have been feeding my son and taking care of him most of the time.


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