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I rent from my dad who owns the house, my husband myself and 2 kids plus 3 animals .Last winter we had a huge rainstorm and leaking water caused part of our dining room ceiling to fall in we have a huge hole in our dining room ceiling leading up into the attic, my dad said when the weather got better he'd go up there and fix it, but needed my husbands help, well since last year we have had this huge hole and the heat will be worse and he said now he doesn't have our rent because we are 500 short for this month so he has no freaken money to fix it. Besides paying 1300 a month half the water bill half the plowing and anything else our own electric my husband has since we've lived there cut the grass and trimmed the bushes and helped paint our unit and fix it up. what are our rights. With family ,when my Mom was alive we only paid 800.00 as soon as she died 4years ago he goes up every so often until we now pay half of his mortgage ,my aunt who rents out 2 rooms in his apartment not including a kitchen pays his other half 1300.00


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