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I was renting an apartment for 14 or so months. I started having problems with window mold and water coming in from the roof. I notified the manager and maintence people of the problem. That was in late November and early December. They came and looked at it about a week before Christmas and told me they will be back to "fix" the problem. I waited until the middle of January and then called again. They told me they were going to be there within the week and never showed up. I wrote them a letter telling them that I was going to not pay them $100 off the rent until it got repaired. They told me that it was ok because they havent gottn back to my apartment. Well now I have moved out at the end of April and its the end of July but havent gotten my deposit back... I have pictures and the written agreement about me not paying the 100 dollars but is there anything i can do about the deposit?


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