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Hello, I am at a lovely apartment on the first floor. I have a couple above me. I have been here 7 years and love it. My home is my office and headquarters of peace. For the past several months my tenants above me started jump roping, using treadmill, weights etc. He is a big guy and the creeks and cracking in between the ceiling and floors are starting to make noise. I had the maintenance come over to hear the noise and they went to talk to the couple and found out what they were doing. The couple said they were not going to stop working out because it was not on the lease. Meaning it is ok for anyone to have a gym in there apartment even on the second floor. Is there anything I can do besides move out? The floor is so broken into now I hear everything they do? Or at least get him for disturbance of the peace? If I sub leased the apartment for the remainder of the year I am afraid one would move in knowing there is a big guy jumping up and down on there ceiling. Thank you....


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