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Dear PATKWOOD,I have lived in my apartment here in San Francisco for 37 years (with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge from my living room). The woman that lived below me for all that time recently moved. And of course, who moved directly below me? Some failed jock from Phoenix; he attended UC Davis in California on a scholarship, but never became starting QB. He studied Science and Technology at UCD, graduated and is now living directly below me. This is a building in an upper scale, very expensive neighborhood (Russian Hill). That said, this building is at the lower end of the spectrum; not fancy at all. It was built in 1907, after the '06 quake out of redwood; there is virtually no soundproofing. He moved in late May, and after 37 years of peace, he has managed to singlehandedly ruin my life. The most disconcerting factor is that you will never know when the huge PARTY will begin. Or end... I have sent letter after letter to the company that manages this building; in response, they cite that the 23 year old new tenant below wrote back that "he lives here too, and that guy upstairs is being unreasonable." They could care less... I have had to endure party after party, whereby they start at 7:30 PM, then at 11:00 PM, head out to the local bars, then come right back to his place at 1:00 AM and start all over again (til 2:30 AM). What can I do? This has ruined my life. Sitting in my living room and listening to the screaming and hollering and fighting for hours on end (yes, they wrestle at 2:00 AM which shakes the entire building). And they think I'm unreasonable...


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