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I complained to my landlord about my neibor's son's car, which is fitted with an after market exhaust. He peels in and out of the driveway when coming and going and he often works on his car in front of my kitchen windows. The car is so loud when idling that you can feel the vibration on the floor of my living room, dining room, etc. Further more, he was given an inspection sticker in September and I cannot believe he passed! He also does not display his front license plate which is required in Massachusetts. Needless to say, after complaining and the landlord politely asking him to cease some of his car's activities, he now bullies and harrasses me by pounding on my apartment walls, stomping up the stairs,which abut mine, and slamming both the front and back doors deliberately when coming and going. It has become a nusiance and something I have had to live with for the past few weeks on a daily basis. My blood pressure has gone up and my nerves are shot. The parents of this 22 year old are home when this is happening and are actually allowing it. In addition to this, yesterday, after my third complaint, my landlord actually handed me a letter in which he claims he cannot believe that my neighbors would have any ill will toward me and calls the door slammming a "drafty door" issue, which he "recalls" hearing when he was working on their apartment prior to them moving in. He is in utter denial of what is going on and what is happening to my two children (ages 13 and 15) who live with me. I also told the landlord I have witnesses, which I do, and recordings of the noise/door slamming, car idling, and he told me that he consulted with the local police department and they told him there are no laws being broken. I am petrified of what is going on and fear that the police wont help if I call them. What should I do? I cannot afford a lawyer at this time, as moving in here cost me most of my savings in addition to having to hire a mover. (I am a recent college grad who invested in a new career after being laid off for almmost two years). Please help me with this disheartning, threatning problem.


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