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When my boyfriend and I split up about a year ago, he and i shared a cell phone plan for an account that was in my name. The contract was not fulfilled for his phone. A couple that were parents of a friend of my daughters asked me if they could have it since they need a phone. They asked me to upgrade to a unlimited data and messaging plan if they would pay 100.00 a month towards the bill since I could not afford to pay it myself. Myself being the trusting fool that I am agreed.After about 4 months they renewed the contract by getting another phone(2 year contract). A few months later they started being late with the money, making additional charges in which I paid, but though payments were late, they did pay up but I also made a written agreement that they signed as to when, and how much they agreed to pay, and if not paid by 7 days after I had the right to suspend the phone. Last month I received no payment. Luckily I had enough to pay it before the phones were turned off for non payment, and suspended the phone. Now again they owe me another 100.00 for the last month(due this month), and refuse to answer emails or phone calls. It will cost 160.00 to cancel this phone since it is still under contract with the phone provider. all in all it is going to cost me 360.00 or more until this phone is cancelled. I am struggling as it is raising 2 children and I am on assistance to help me with my job also. I cannot afford to pay this every month. Since I am writing a demand letter to hopefully hear something from them. Is this something I can go to small claims court for? Or wonder if it would help if I won the case, to show the phone provider my circumstance. please HELP


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