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Hi i shared a life with a man for eight years,trusted him completely we had a child that is now 4.He turned my sons& my world upside down when he left without.He was are whole life.I coulnt get intouch with him i finly went to see him were i thought he was.when arrived he had someone else.My son and i were treated my his motherenlaw cruely he wouldnt see either of us.sence then i have found out disturbing thing,i done eveything i could do to let him visit with his son but he only wanted me to let him take him not knowig were or what was going on in his life.he would not talk ton me or work with me in i have been served with papers need legal help.and my concernes have only been have i been doing right thing for my son.My son has been 100% better kid sence his father has been gone


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