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I have two friends who are not married and they been togeter on and off for 3 yrs They recently broke up and during their split up she got pregnant and told my friend he is the dad he has txt messages from her saying he is and Facebook messages saying he is .. He is excited and told her he is willing to be there for the baby .. She in the mean while decided to do drugs while pregnant and when she gave birth she did not tell him she gave the baby up for adoption and the baby had heroin in his system ... The the guy she has been telling he is the father and him telling her the whole time she is pregnant he is willing to care for and will do anything for the baby and after the baby was born he still wanted the baby stated to her and many others.. Since she gave the baby up for adoption and signed her rights away how can he go about to get his child back and what trouble can she be in since the potential father was lied to and she lied to the adoption agency about him not knowing and wanting to be apart of the childs life He is looking for a lawyer but was curious if he will ever get his son back .. plz help and this is in MO


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