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that is what i was told too... only i made the mistake by letting the dad take my 8 month old for his two days off and he decided not to return her to me and i am not allowed to pick her up without his permision witch i have not seen my baby in two months... i got an assault charge trying to remove her from his care... and then i found out that by beating him up trying to get my baby back is going to make it harder for me to get my baby back... but the cops said there wasnt anything they could do to help me.. and i wasnt going to just sit back and let him keep her... all he had to do was make something up about me and stick with it... i was able to come up with the money to get a lawyer and all because i tried to get her back i might not be able to get her back... if i was you i would get something legal done up now just to b safe... because with legal documents i was informed if i had them i could of had the cops arrest wade for not returning her... im going to say that i live in cherokee oklahoma just because i want people to read this and maybe someday we will have a law to protect parents from this... i was poor.. my dad had died and i had no money for a lawyer... and i think there should be something to protect poor people who cant afford lawyers to do everything for them... just because we dont have 1500 laying around to throw at a lawyer shouldnt mean that we shouldnt get to keep our children...


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