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reading the article about the mother that wants to dis-own and dis-inherit her son really hits home. my brother's and i suffered through some horrible things in our lives; divorce, loss of a brother and half brother and now our father Sarkis. in 2010, my disgruntled and selfish biological mother announced at my older brother's wedding, that she was disinheriting her remaining living three sons and leaving whatever estate she thinks she might have to my late brother's surviving wife. she gave no reason.
in some ways my father in his last days was not much better. he remarried 20+ years ago, so when he died his entire estate was left to my step mother and half sister. i don't think he did that on purpose, but he knew it would happen. the good news is that i have a strong relationship with my step mother, but i'm not her son legally even though she generally treats me that way.
should i seek adult adoption of me by her, then i wonder what happens to my brothers and i? while i think its healthy for she and i to have a stronger bond and for that bond to translate to my minor child, i wonder what happens to my overall relation to my brothers and my nephew and niece?
ultimately, my biological mother has been filled with hatred of at least three of her sons for all time. that hatred likely stems from some kind of mental illness, but i'd like to separate from her for all time. am i wrong? she has done more to hurt me in the last 30 years than i care to mention. and all i want is to be left alone by her. maybe adult adoption will do it? -Chris


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