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I live in Prescott AZ. I had a two year rent agreement, I moved in and was very specific with land lord that they would not sell or market home while leased. I had been through this twice before and did not want to pay to show strangers someone else home. Anyway, she started to show home 6 months after we moved in, buyer backed out, she kissed our a==s again ( she lives in Belize so all done via emails) swore she would not disturb our lease. Five months later she has someone come look again and two days after that I get a call from a realtor that she is listing it. Not even a year into lease. So I tell realtor I will make the showing and sale miserable for here. At this point my landlord calls and overs me 8 months rent and my deposit ( if left in good cond) for leaving in 15 days. I told here there was no way I could find a place, pack and move in that time. I am disabled with min help and had really settled in also there is very little rentals in summer here and I live in poverty so to afford a place would have been impossible. So she gave me a month, at this point I had survived one hell of a hot summer ( no AC) cold winter (no heat) and knew I would be out in a year anyway. Thinking I could find a place I agreed and the next day she said she only offered 6 months. I did not care. The money was needed, the home a dump and I was not about to show home all the time. So the long story short, I could not find a place for 3 weeks, but finally did, giving me a week to move, impossible, and clean and I did it. But it was four weeks of solid stress, looking and looking for a place, not knowing if I was going to be homeless etc. So in the beginning of March I had to get propane. The companies here make you purchase a min of 100 gals. There was some in the tank when I moved in but not much, I went 7 months or so as for I only used for H2O heat and oven. There is no agreement or amount on the lease and nothing in the legal doc regarding this that I signed for the early termination. I contacted the propane company to see what options I had, I needed propane in new place immediately. The options where it was 80 bucks no matter what to remove propane or move to new tank. I owe 160 still for winter prices, and have paid 120. I needed hot water for cleaning the house and time was of essence to get out. So two days after I finally did walk through a requested the company drain tank and use the amount paid toward the removal. Now today my landlords reps call and tell me they are not allowing the propane to be removed. The company told me they attempted and was told to leave property from Realtor. The reps say owner compensated me enough that I can leave the propane and pay for it. First I never agreed to pay for propane for her, its not on any lease nor is the amount that was in when we moved in so no proof of any propane except we lived for 7 mos apx on what was in tank but drained it when we filled thinking we had over a year and half to use it. So I am thinking if we used 5 gallons in four months there was no more than 10 gallons when we moved in. I refuse to pay for the propane balance, I can't and I don't owe a thing. Believe me the lousy 4500 is not worth the move I entailed and it cost over the deposit in loss of work for my ex to help move me. So how do I do this, she owns tank but I am customer of propane. She is basically saying because it was in after I moved out it was abandoned property and I have no right to have it removed,more or less. This is bull, I was slammed with time issues, needed to clean til the day of walk through, had to make arrangements last min for all my new services, contact SSDI , DES etc about move and was so sick from my disability because of stress and pain of move I could not get to this issue until the two days after. I had my other utilities turned off the day after so I had a chance to repair any issues on walk through. Can she STEAL my propane? AZ sucks as do most states when it comes to tenants rights. I did get my deposit back minus 50 and got the 4500 but I don't care, I am not obligated to pay for propane I am not using. I have no legal form at all stating that any propane was in tank when I moved in or that I am obligated to leave propane. HELP> No one seems to know and her being out of country I just told her reps to tell here she either pays me for remaining propane or I will file small claims on Monday but tenant advocacy says if I don't have an attorney I will not win but local legal aid never represents in court. I live on 710 a month, I paid double of propane cost is now because it was still considered winter and I don't want her to have a dime of my money.


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