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Wrong, govts check numbers and names before assistance is given, their children born here are considered citizens and are able to receive assistance. These illegals do however PAY taxes with their fake numbers they give their employers who do not check numbers and names, are notified of the conflict at the end of the year when taxes are reported and the IRS and the employers look the other way. This is a fact I know from experience. My ex-husband payed over 5,000 every year in fed taxes almost 3,000 in state, and I don't remember how much to soc sec and medicare. He will never see this money nor will I or any of his dependents. That's why immigration is an issue only during election year. They pretend like it's abig deal and they are going to fix it, but if you have 2.5 million illegals paying 5,000 a year to your budget would you send them all packing? Seriously.That's 12.5 billion a year.Guess who is going to pay that to make up the difference in the budget if they ever do send them all back? We citizens, the govt isn't going to take a pay cut. Our economy would collapse and the govt knows this that's why they are still here. People are ignorant to believe what they hear and not research the facts for themselves.


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