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Hi, i really really need help please! I'm 27 year old and i came to usa as a refugee with my family, but then i had to go for marriage with tourosit visa to another country. so when i got married a over stayed there, but in back of 2009 i came back to visit my family here in my husband divorced me so i had to stay with my family in now i been an illegal for 2 years in usa..and it's been two years that i got married with somone in usa who has a us citizen, and also i'm 4months pregnant now. but i'm still illega, i can't get no help from govt. or health insurance. i don't know what to do??? can some one please help me and advice what is best to do. by the way, my parents are us citizen too. so i been so depressed and been having so much stress, i dont want to loss my baby with having too much stress...please let me know what i need to do??



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