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I just got diagnosed with herpes. The last partner I had was over a year ago. This ex said he did have a girlfriend that found out she had herpes but he said he slept with her when she didnt' have any outbreaks. He said he never contracted it himself. I of course didn't get this story until after we were already having unprotected sex. But a few days ago I found out I now have it. I contacted him yesterday to tell him and he said sorry it wasn't me. He said he was going to send me some paper work but I know he's lying. I even remember he had a prescription in his cabinet. I believe it was called Zovirax. Never knew what it was but never asked. Now after researching meds for myself I see this is one of the the leading meds for Herpes. So he apparently had the virus all along and lied about it and gave it to me. I would like to know my next course of action.


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