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Since you are all victims of people not telling you of their STD or disease. How would you advise me to tell my ex-bf's different innocent lovers what he exposed them to? By the way, me and the ex-bf are friends, but he loves to lie and he is a multiple addict. I thought by not deserting him I could help him since his family are all alcoholics, drug takers and intimacy addicts (brothers only). I find myself now in a toxic friendship. To do this may create more drama in my life than I want, but I do feel for those who he is infecting. One is a mom of two children. She broke us up a year ago and I warned her with a nice email the type of guy she was getting involved with. She dismissed me of course even though I was nice and professional. She actually in hindsight saved me from marrying the guy, so I am thankful. They broke it off in less than a month after I dumped him. Now he is recently with her since he is traveling through the country and although she doesn't know it he uses her as his "filler/option" as he has described to me once. I think maybe this is Karma for her in having an affair with him last year? Still, she and the other women who is innocent don't deserve deception. How would you approach or not approach letting the cat out of the bag. Once I do this, it will kill a friendship that at this point can't be valuable, because I don't believe I want to be friends with someone that would do such a thing. I have kept celebant and am taking responsibility of my diagnosis and will tell the guy beforehand. Its just respectful and the right thing to do.


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