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My ex-husband rented a house and said that myself and my son could live with him until I was able to get back on my feet. The company I was working for went bankrupt and not only laid me off permanently, they owed me 15K in back pay, that did not come. Unbeknownst to me, my ex put my social security number on the lease, even though I was not responsible for payment. He later told me they had to have my SS number because our son and I were living with him. He assured me that he was solely responsible for the rent. Long story short, he did not work and I was unable to pay all of the bills, support him and our son and myself. The eviction came, my ex took off the next day to live with his brother in Chicago. When I applied for an apartment for my son and I, the eviction came up on and we have been turned down on several applications. He is willing to write a letter stating that the rent was solely his responsibility, but I need some type of legal letter he can sign to dispute the eviction attached to my SS #.


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