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You have too much confidence in authority to not abuse their power.

"if they stop u, then they saw something that caught there attention that wasnt lawfully right"

Oh ok, then why 90% of the time do they find nothing? They are clearly just making their way around to stopping everyone, all the time, and mark my words it will happen, as long as folks like you are willing to take the position you've taken. Wait until they stop you for no reason, which you may never think would happen if you're white, but if you're latino or black, you have likely been stopped or some of your friends or family have been, and basically expect to be stopped again and again just for walking down the street. They can make up any reason they want to make their 'stop' a legal stop and their 'frisk' justified if they do end up finding something. This is not American, and an illegal search and seizure. You and all Americans who support this are giving away Constitutional freedoms and the basic American value of freedom of government persecution. This is the opposite of what I learned was a core value when founding America.

Our country can only be as good as our cops. They are human, but if our cops don't hold themselves to a higher standard and actually believe and enforce ALL of our constitutional rights, we can no longer take pride in the values that make America what it is. If you haven't been stopped by Big Brother and harassed, I suspect you'll never understand what actually is happening.


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