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I was wondering what the legal requirements were to consider someone as "armed and dangerous"? Last year, I was detained for drinking and driving. The police station I had dealt with has had it out for me for a while. They said that I attempted to "Disarm a Police Officer" by trying to take his tazer while in the back of the police station. When in reality, I didn't do it. I remember that night clearly, and they shot a taser gun at me from across the room because I had an attitude. I went to my lawyers office the next day and he said that he would do a motion of discovery to get the tapes from the back of the police station. I know that there are at least 4 cameras in the back of this police station. The police station stated, "there are no cameras in the back area". I know this is bogus because I have seen the cameras multiple times. My lawyer said the Motion would be a waste of time because he would have to notify the police station when he would come to do a walk through of the station. My lawyer said this would give them enough time to take the cameras down. After I went to court for the charge of "attempting to disarm a police officer", was thrown out because of lack of evidence through the police station. This incidence happened last march. This past Sunday, my friend got in a car accident. He hit a light pole head on while I was in the passengers seat. We're both okay, but when the cop came to the scene, he asked me for my ID. Knowing how the system works I handed him my ID, and told him he could search me if he wanted to because I figured he was going to. After the officer ran my ID, he through me against the car hood with force. He kept yelling "WHY DOES **** POLICE STATION HAVE YOU MARKED AS ARMED AND DANGEROUS?!" I stated, I have no idea besides the incident that I had went through last year. I have never been armed OR dangerous for that matter. I don't believe that I should be treated like this, humiliated, or considered as "Armed and Dangerous" because the crooked cops lied & wanted to see me squirm. My lawyer even said regardless of the reason, a taser gun should NEVER be used INDOORS because it's supposed to be used outside. This has been jogging on my mind since last sunday (the car accident occurred & I was treated like a criminal). My lawyers office isn't open until tomorrow.. Any suggestions?? :/


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