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ok so i have a very complicatied gun charge in new york city it is important to add i am a united states marine (out but still a marine) i also carry a valid TN gun permite which i do know is not vaild in nyc it was in my friends apt the DA on the case wants to crucify me so here is my question now im try to fight the search late that night my brother started a fight with me he cracked me over the head with a glass so i punched him twice and left to let him to cool down the police came i told them what happened they told me they were not going to charge us they just wanted to check on him and they would leave so i took them to the apt i told them he was fine (so did my buddy who was there the whole time) we told them that a few times i also told them that he would not anwser the door for police so let me try well he dident me my friend sam and the police tryed for about 20 min it was casual in the hallway we were discussing the military NYC TN just talking after the 20 min a cop went to get a key from the super they unlocked the door and the chain still locked the door so they kicked it in when they kicked it in i told them i had a gun in a backpack on the far wall so it comes down to if they thought that my brother needed immediate attention why wait 20 min i dont think they really thought he was hurt so is that grounds for an illegal serach?


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