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The police kick in my door never annannounced who the are ans i was not home. they interagated my two children, for about 2 hr. I had ran my oldest son to the dentest. I had a friend of the family that was doing some plumbing work at the hjouse they kick the door in never said who they were. un till they found the plumber and my two kids in the back bedroom they had the plumber on the ground befor he new it was the police. They would not let me see or read the warent
they waved it in my face but would never let me read it. They told me the were ther for stolen property. There was no stolen property in my home what so ever. They called in DCS and eminently took my two younger children, they placed them with there father. but are the police aloud to interagate my children and come in and search with out me being there,


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