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hi john q i am dealing with a situation similiar to yours my landlord broke in my apt with the police and busted the chain lock off my door because i wouldnt talk to him or the police because da police wrongfully arrested me before and i no longer trust them because of how i was treated and they came all deep with like 6 officers and a detective in plain clothes and when they got in my apt started asking me why was i hitting on my neighbors walls at which time i told them i wasnt and while one officer was talking to me the rest of them were combing through my apt checking every room in my apt like they looking for something so i asked the officer again what is this about at which point he told me we were here 3 other times and u wouldnt open the door about complaints from your neighbor that u hit her wall and the issued me with a 500$ ticket saying they have me for a disturbance house this was at 8 am in the morning then they sent another officer here around 4:20 pm to harass me some more the same day about not opening my door to accept them trying to give me a ticket based on some hearsay so the officer went ahead and issued me with 4 other disturbance house tickets which brings da total to 2500 in one day but the four other ones he gave me without actually speaking with me and those were actually based on hearsay to i brought it to his attention that i wasnt home and he called me a liar and said from here on out hell just arrest me


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