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You cannot sue the PD for damages done to the property or in your case your dogs mental health. Nor are they responsible for fixing the damages incurred during such events. They have a warrant for a specific reason and they are there to conduct a search and seizure for documented items. Anything they see find during the search can be used against you. Ie: if they're there for guns and find a crack pipe you can be charged for it.

Also, to add to the original posting, police hVe this new thing called probable cause. If they have probable cause they can enter. If your blinds are open and your livingroom blinds are open and police suspect the individuals seen through the blinds are teenagers and can see alcohol that is probable cause to investigate. If you leave your front door unlocked, a police officer can walk in! It's not forced entry! These are all things that happened to my neighbors in Florida

If police observe a crime committed and follow you to your home they can enter the home to get you. Example: police see you make a drug deal, you enter your car, drive home, and enter the home. They can seize your home, car and any money and contraband.


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