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I called the police because a girl I let in my home got really drunk, and flipped my table over, breaking some glasses. She refused to leave, but I was able to lock her out. She then banged on my house and threatened to damage my motorcycle and car. During this I had my webcam recording her. When I police showed up, I opened the door and told them I did not want them in my home and the forced the rest of the door open and said "too bad you called us" and came in anyway. THEN, later on as this girl is packing up all her things I through out the front door the officer enters my home and tells me how he controls this area and if he ever has to come here again he will arrest me. He also threatened to arrest me in my living room just because he can. I have all of this on audio...contacted a lawyer and waiting to hear back. Any advice or idea on what I can do. I want to sue these police officers. Now I'm scared where I live that if they see me they will try and stop me every chance they get.


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