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I had a (fraudulent)realtor make a false call to police 911 and claimed I had threatened with a gun. The (Mesa, Arizona) police show up in full swat gear and 2 machine guns in my face and 6 armed with pistols. I am 60 yards away from my locked apartment. The police show up and cuff me, and I am clearly unarmed and not a "threat". I tell them it is a false call and that the realtor should be arrested. The officers ignore me, then reach into my pocket twice (I moved my hip the first time)the officer yells at me to let the other officer "get those keys" I tell them "don't go in my apartment" they ignore me and go in anyway. I asked them if I was arrested and they say no and uncuff me after a search. They never did a fraud report on the realtor as I asked, and they left without and apology. I had a digital recorder in my other pocket and recorded the realtor conversation and the police interaction. I want to file a claim with the city and sue for violation of my civil rights if possible. The Realtor is now under investigation by the FBI. The Lawyers I talk to all say I have a case, but could be lying just to get their $2500-$5000 up front money. Any advice? I want to sue the city police and the realtor (separate cases) Can I sue the Police/city for $100,000 or so? I see similar case in Modesto sued for $120,000 and won.


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