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My neighbor has been bugging me for since I've lived in my house. My father bought it in 2004, and initially my neighbor told me dad because he had been tending to the area on our property next to his land if my dad wouldn't mind that he keep tending that area. My dad doesn't understand english very well, he said something and the neighbor took that as a green flag to do whatever he wants.

2 years down the line the neighbor decides to put a fence up in his backyard, naturally he didn't get a land survey done because he know's what he's doing because he's an experienced real estate agent (sarcasm here!) My dad brought it up with his builders but they talked to him and they totally ignored my dad's pleas.

All the while the area in the front of the property (our land) next to his about 20feet into our property he has been "tending to". So my dad decides that he wants a fence too. Now we have an HOA so we never really tried bothering with the fence but recently my neighbor had been encroaching more and more into our property. Infact because he had a drainage issue he decides to jump his fence onto our property (in the backyard) and use his trimmer to destry the grass along his fence on our side so the water flows directly into our yard (because his elevation is higher than ours). I got really upset one day about this and told him to leave the premisses, after we exchanged a few words he left and never did that again. Soon after my dad started asking him if he could show us his deed or map of his property because we wanted to put a fence up and we didn't want to encroach on his land (also my dad wanted to bring up the issue of his fence being on our property) The guy basically ignored my dad again, he never showed my dad his map but instead he kept showing my dad OUR own property map. All this dad was validate my dad's claim that he was encroaching on our land. Well a few months went by we kept going to his house to talk to him (me and my dad)

I sent him a letter one day because it was really had to get a hold of him. That's when things really got heated, its not like we went as low as personal attacks but he started arguing with me over a few inches of grass being too long. Its not like he cared to look anywhere just the front area connecting with his property, that he now considers his. So he basically changed his story on us, because he'd been taking care of it all this time, now he says well it was mine all along. Well we talked to other real estate agents, land scapers, and our HOA, everyone says yes its ours, its on our property map so there was no arguing with that. He eventually got a land survey done, althought i'm not sure if he initiated this or someone else in the neighborhood did because about 5 houses got surveyed at the same time. Now there was definite proof of where the property lines were so he was forced to move his fence back.

His wife came over and admitted she was sorry, and that her husband wouldn't "tend" that area in the front of the house anymore since it wasn't his. But the husband is a fanatic about keeping his lawn pristine, I mean really he is a fanatic, because he cuts his lawn with a riding mower atleast 2 times a week and even then for hours making multiple passes around his lawn. I really can't compete with that because I don't have the time. His grass is better looking than ours, there's no doubt but i'm not competing either. He started arguing with me one day saying he couldn't stand looking at the grass when its so long, (so maybe he has a lawn fetish, I don't know) well it was only the grass next to his property in the front of the yard. Now he says its a utility easement so its a shared property and he can do whatever he wants. Also note prior to his fence being moved back, he had sprinklers installed at the area in the front. He got angry at me because he said I shouldn't care about that area, that because he's been taking care of it, he's been doing me a hugh favor. I tried to explain to him that I simply didn't like him encroaching on our property, and that I didn't want his favor of cutting the grass on our property. Well at that point he doesn't consider that area his or ours, he says its shared common property just because its a utility easement.

I looked into it myself and all a utility easement is that the utility company has partial rights over the land, naturally for utility lines, etc. He doesn't get to put his sprinklers, cut the grass, etc. So I recently decided to put a mulch bed there along the property line, and now he's at it again, he said he's gonna call the balitmore county property something or other to make sure we can do that. He also questioned my dad, telling him you can't put trees there, you can't put a fence there, you can't put pillers there, etc. Well, I just wanna know is there any grounds for what the guy is saying ? Does a utility easement allow him more rights over that area than us, even though we are paying an extra 40,000 for that utility easement? I just want a definite answer on this becuase its driving me nuts that I can't even stand in that area without him giving me a hard time.

Sorry this took so long to explain but I figured I'd get it all out without a single detail missing.

Thanks for any advice in advance.


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